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Brooke Burke vs. Brooke Burns - Sept. 20, 2008



Babbling Brookes

Some people have had trouble 
telling the difference between 
Brooke Burke and Brooke Burns
It will likely happen again.

By Eric Kohanik

Names can play tricks on you – particularly in the TV world, where they often sound alike.

The case of Brooke Burns and Brooke Burke is a prime example. For some reason, there are people out there who keep confusing them.

For the record, Brooke Burns is a rather hot 30-year-old babe who was once a fashion model and is probably most famous on TV for her years as Jessie Owens on Baywatch.

Burns has done lots of other TV since then. Last spring, she played a bouncy high-school teacher on a short-lived ABC comedy called Miss Guided. A couple of years ago, she co-starred in Pepper Dennis, Rebecca Romijn’s series for the now-defunct WB network.

Before that, Burns was in a Fox series called North Shore. She also hosted a competition show for NBC entitled Dog Eat Dog.

Offscreen, Burns is famous for once being married to Nip/Tuck’s Julian McMahon. She is also famous for breaking her neck a couple of years ago by hitting her surf board while diving into her swimming pool in the dark.

Brooke Burke is famous for a lot of reasons, too. She is a rather hot, 37-year-old babe who was once a model as well. Her specialties were swimwear, lingerie and notable photo spreads for FHM, Maxim, Playboy and a website called

Burke first gained TV fame as host of an E! travel series called Wild On! Her work there led her to host 2005’s Rock Star: INXS and 2006’s Rock Star: Supernova, two summertime singing competitions on CBS that were notable as much for the assets Burke exhibited in her outfits as they were for the musical talent showcased in each episode.

Offscreen, Burke used to be married to a plastic surgeon. (We’ll skip the jokes there.) A couple of years ago, she got engaged to musician David Charvet – who, it turns out, played Matt Brody on Baywatch.

Coincidence? Sure. But it’s no wonder that people get these two women mixed up.

The last couple of years have been easy. Burke has been out of the picture, playing mom to four kids, two of which were born since her Rock Star: Supernova days.

But now, Burke and Burns are both back on TV again. Burns is co-hosting Fox’s Hole in the Wall, a competition show that began a couple of weeks ago. Burke, meanwhile, is a competitor on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, which makes its return this week.

Clearly, this will lead to mix-ups again.

“We do get confused a lot,” Burns conceded when I asked about all of this during a Pepper Dennis press conference in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. “Actually, Brooke and I know each other. So, it’s kind of funny because we figure we’d just get double the publicity. Because every time somebody talks about me, we talk about her, and vice versa.”

Judging from the way I’ve babbled on about them here, that’s bound to continue.

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